Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Night of the Living Lohan

Wow! Lindsay looks incredible in this self taken shot! For a dead person. I mean honestly, let's evaluate this shit, shall we? Honeychild is so thin she makes Kate Moss in her heroine chic days look like an obese lard ass in desperate need of gastric bypass and divine intervention. Her goddamn arms look like they can be snapped in half by a passing breeze. And that hair! I have never seen used hay look so volumous. Does she live in the Mojave now? Is there no conditioner where she lives? Or is dry scalp just another unfortunate side effect of a coke, snatch and Red Bull diet? All of that pales in comparison though to her recently departed ashy complexion and dead for days eyes. I am sorry, but bitch looks like the walking damn dead. Basically if this:
Zombie Day Pictures, Images and Photos
And This:
scarecrow Pictures, Images and Photos
Had a baby, Lindsay would be the result. Please do not even judge. You know you were thinking the same thing.


Keith said...

She looks so gross.

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