Monday, June 22, 2009

Olivia Munn Lets It All Hang Out

Ok so here's the thing: I don't normally post pics of Playboy layouts, but seeing as how there are technically no lady parts showing, it's SFW and all that jive. I'm also posting them because as a faithful G4 watcher, I have to give it up to our girl Olivia Munn, who by the way, made it past the first obstacle in the lastest installment of "Ninja Warrior". If you do not know what that is, I encourage you to google it immediately because it is definitely something you should be watching.
I also lovey wuvy wuv her
faithful ass fans who took to the masses and voted Olivia the overwhelming winner of April's Slacker Chic of the Month. Their dedication and devotion warms my heart like the Grinch watching Whos sing carols hand in hand around a Christmas tree. What's that? No, it's not a tear in my eye. I was just cutting an onion is all....


Keith said...

Wow! These are some ultra hot photos of Oliva. She's incredibly sexy. Thanks for posting these. You are my hero.

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