Monday, June 8, 2009

Paris Hilton was a Prostitute, Sky Still Blue

We all knew Paris Hilton was a slutty von slut slut, but did you know she used to do the dirty deed for money? That's what some of her former pals are claiming including Elizabeth Jawhery who says she used to be included in these lesbefriends romps. In his book, "Six Degrees of Paris Hilton", Mark Ebner quotes Jawhery as saying she was paid $5,000 by major Hollywood "players" to get it on, although she claims she never saw the Vaginal Vortex take any cash.
"Indeed, when I first contacted her, she was quick to volunteer" says Jawhery. "With Paris it was very low key. She would fly down and I was there with them. We would party pretty hard. Paris got naked, and the girls would get naked. This was mainly in Vegas. There were times where you would have Ted or Ron come down, and they would pretty much pay for girl-on-girl action. I'd be there. And they'd pay to watch us girls going at it. And they'd bring in Augie Busch III."
Paris of course tells a different story-as she always does-to the
New York Daily News:
"Paris Hilton finds a lot of things “hot,” but the idea of once taking part in a lesbian sex show is not one of them. For the past six years, the heiress has done her best to prove she’s more than a girl who ... well, you know what she did on that sex tape that her skeevy ex-boyfriend sold.
But now, having gone on to a half-dozen movie roles, two books, a CD, and fragrance and footwear lines, she’s fending off the claim of a woman who says she and Paris once stripped for high-rollers in Vegas."
Do you guys believe this? Because I definitely do. Calling Paris a whore is basically like saying grass is green and Dane Cook is a douchebag and rain is wet. In fact, if V.V. suddenly changed her whorish ways, I think the structure of my reality would collapse completely. Things would get all Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks-y and I would question everything I thought I knew about the world. It would be like taking the red pill on the Matrix! Or the blue one. Whichever was the one where you find out everythig is false and nothing is real.


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