Saturday, June 6, 2009

Peaches Doesn't Want to Lose You

Moving on to a different Peaches, the real Peaches, the only Peaches, here is the electroclash goddess' latest video for "Lose You" off her newest album "I Feel Cream". The low budget video is a nod to both roller disco of the 70's and her older vids like "Lovertits" and "I'm the Kinda". Unlike most of her other hits, "Lose You" is soft, feminine and not about sex. Fans of Peaches know this is a rare occurance, as the controversial diva is normally as in your face and sexual as they come. This song however, marks one of the first time HBIPeaches has actually sung about love and feelings and all that junk. This might be in part to her confession to Out Magazine that she's in a relationship. A real one. With a dude. The only thing you can expect from Peaches is the unexpected, which this video definitely is. I totally worship this woman. You don't even know.


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