Thursday, June 18, 2009


It's not often that I feel the green wave of envy washing over me and overcoming me like a tidal wave in June. But that is just what happens when I catch sight of Ali Larter. Indeed, if I could magically switch physiques with anyone in Hollywood, it would definitely be the Heroes star. She's fit, but feminine. In other words, she might be able to kick your ass, but she does not leave you thinking "Pre-Op!", as if she's caught a heaping case of Madonnaitis. There's a fine, fine line between being defined and being mistaken for a dude. Luckily it's plain to see that Ali is alllll woman.
Anyway here are a couple of pics of the lovely Ms. Larter at The Whitney Contemporaries' Art Party and Auction yesterday. You betta watch yourself, girl. I'm totally coming for that necklace.


Keith said...

She is incredibly sexy. I've got a huge crush on her.

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