Friday, June 5, 2009


I swear, I fall more and more in love with Nicole Richie with each passing day. She's gorgeous, has amazing style, is an attentive mother, and has really rebuilt her life to be something her parents can be super proud of. Hell, even I'm proud of her ass. *They grow up so fast, sniff, sniff!*
The mom to be arrived at the the House of Harlow, Clandestine Industries and Switch Boutique Fashion Show held at Boulevard3 yesterday in support of her bombing accessory line, House of Harlow. Apparently baby daddy Joel Madden couldn't make it, but neverfear. She had an emo stand in to walk her glorious ass down the carpet. She and Pete Wentz seemed to be glued at the hip for the duration of the event. Is it just me, or does he seem slightly less annoying when accompanied by Ms. Richie?


sandra said...

she does look great! glowing...

Emily said...

She looks stunning, and he looks more like the Mac guy.

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