Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You Captain Obvious

Are you sitting down? Because what I am about to say will blow you mind. Are you ready? Adam Lambert is gay. Yes, I know! I couldn't believe it when I heard it either, but it's true. The American Idol runner up openly admits his sexuality to the latest issue of Rolling Stone telling them he's homo and proud.
"I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay," Adam tells the mag. "I'm proud of my sexuality," continues the rocker, who was photographed holding hands with interior designer Drake LaBry earlier this month. "I embrace it. It's just another part of me."
While he was not ashamed to say that he loves the dudes, what he was worried about was media coverage on his sexuality overshadowing who he was as an artist. Which is why he waited to come out despite the fact that we all knew anyway. "I was worried that [coming out] would be so sensationalized that it would overshadow what I was there to do, which was sing," he says. "I'm an entertainer, and who I am and what I do in my personal life is a separate thing. it shouldn't matter. Except it does. It's really confusing."
One thing Idol did teach him was how to come to terms with the insecurities he faces daily. "I finally checked into my self-worth for the first time in my life, and the fact that it coincided with Idol is so sweet," Lambert confesses. "I mean, I still have moments where I think, 'Oh, my skin is terrible, and I'm a little fat -- I should really go to the gym more.' But for the most part, when I look in the mirror now, I finally see somebody who can do something cool."
This totally reminds me of the time one of my best friends came out in high school. We all knew he was a toe tapping friend of Dorothy, but somehow he figured he was fooling all of us into thinking he was a vagina lover. So when he came out, he did so reluctantly, but ready, only to be met with "And....? Is there more to this story?" It was the most anticlimactic moment ever. That is, until Lamber decide to let us in on his "secret". Now this has become the most anticlimactic moment ever. So thank you for that, AL.


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