Monday, June 8, 2009

That Which is Old is New Again

Angelina Jolie is the July covergirl for Harper's Bazaar and I have to say, me no likey. This picture is obviously not a cover shoot, but rather a drudged up snapshot from the December premiere of The Curious Case of a Lame Ass Movie Title. However what I dislike even more is their deceptive cover that seems to insinuate a sit down with Ms. Jolie when in fact it's basically a biographical article about why people love her and worship her and how she is going to save us from impending doom. What is the purpose of this Harper's? We already know the woman is our generation's Mia Farrow and single handidly mothering, fathering and repopulating the planet while bringing peace on Earth and goodwill towards man. Trying to fool us with your trickery. I am so disappointed in you, Harper's. So disappointed.


Keith said...

I hate it when magazines use photos and material from other sources while pretending that it's original to them.

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