Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uma Thurman in Harper's Bazaar

Uma Thurman is a woman who knows how to leave us wanting more. Unlike many of her Hollywood counterparts, Uma is not up in our faces every five seconds begging us to love her and remember her. Her stategy of laying low so that we have time to miss her makes us appreciate her in her absence and heartily welcome her back into our loving arms when she is ready.
Although the great beauty has been living life on the DL, that does not mean she was sitting leisurely by a pool somewhere sipping pina colads. In fact, the actress currently has five movies in the works including "Eloise in Paris" and the Peter Jackson fantasy flick "Percy Jackson" in which she plays the legendary Greek goddess Medusa. (Perfect casting if you ask me)

While we may have to wait to catch her upcoming films, we do have a daily dose of Uma for you in the form of her photoshoot for July's Harper's Bazaar. What can I say? Gorgeous as ever.


Keith said...

Uma is such a goddess. I adore her.

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