Sunday, June 21, 2009

What the Eff is Going On Here?

So Milan fashion week has kicked off and I have to be honest: I don't get it. When it comes to designing for the female figure, most designers come up with creative ways of making a woman look her best. However, when it comes to menswear, some shit must get lost in damn translation because shit always winds up looking like a hot damn mess. Even fashion royalty like Dolce and Gabbana disappointed with these ripped pegged leg pants:
Tell me, who in the effedy eff would wear this shit? Even Ray Charles would take a look at this and give it the ol "Hellllll naw!" If I saw someone walking down the street wearing this, I would have no choice but to assume that they were AWOL from a mental facility. No one in their right mind would wear that outfit by choice.
And then there's John Richmond who seems to think it is 1985:
Calling Sonny Crockett! Tubbs is on line one! I'm telling you right now, the man who wears this drives a Ferrari Testarossa, listens to Peter Gabriel and loves the color coral. If I were a dude, I'd make like Flock of Seagulls and Run SO Far Away.
And then there was this delightful number from Frankie Morello:
Pip, pip, might I have some porridge, sir?
But if pastel jackets and school boy shorts aren't your thing, you can always peep this look from the Costume National:
Honestly dude, there's no way to look like a bad ass when you're wearing Gumby in your ear.
The only saving grace was Gorgio Armani whose collection held lots of timeless pinstripe suits and smart seperates:
And just for giggles, here are a few more gems. Don't feel jealous they're not hanging in your closet.


Keith said...

Yikes! I could do a better job than those clowns.

Emily said...

Aww I quite like the Gumby... lol...

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