Saturday, June 6, 2009

What. The. Eff.

I've always been the kind of girl that loves to play fairy godmother to unloved articles of clothing. Ever since I was a wee lass of 13 I have loved nothing more than to be let loose inside the Salvation Army, find the sadest, most unloved piece of clothing possible and salvage it from it's former life of abuse and neglect. However, just like people, there are some piece of clothing that cannot be saved. In their original form at least. This my friends, is a prime example. Peaches Geldof was spotted yesterday wearing this denim demon that was surely sewn by Satan himself. There is no safe place for my eyes to land. No matter where they go, they are faced with pure fashion evil. I mean come on people! Pegleg?!? Acid washed?!? High waisted with a genital polygon?!? Tapered legs?!?! My brain is about to explode from sheer offensory overload. Peaches may think she is being ironic, iconic and in your face edgy, but she's wrong. Dead wrong. Hey Peaches, where'd you get those Mom Jeans? The same place you got your Keds? I bet so.


Lindsay Will Come At You Like A Spider Monkey said...

God, I love that mom jeans video.

I'm pretty sure homegirl stole the outfit I lived in during third grade.

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