Thursday, June 11, 2009

I See London, I See France

I really do see London because that's where David Beckham unveiled his latest underwear billboard this morning for Emporio Armani. The footballer and his 12 year old husband Victoria were both on hand to celebrate, as was David's mother. Because who doesn't want to see a Godzilla sized picture of your child's monkey business hanging out for the whole world to see? Momma must be so proud!
And just in case Mother Beckham didn't get an up close and personal enough peak, she could always check out her babay's package in "The Armani Times" a mock newspaper the brand handed out that depicts the baller in nothing but his skivvies and a scowl.
Last year Beckham signed a £20 million deal to become the new global ambassador of Giorgio Armani. The three-year deal, in which Beckham will receive an annual fee plus royalties, is unprecedented for any sportsman and will cement his status as the world's best paid footballer.

And thanks to David Beckham and his look of Blue Steel, I have this song looping through my brain.


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