Friday, June 12, 2009


I am sorry but this editorial of Sienna Miller in the July issue of Vogue is boring me to tears. It's like Wow. Here's a picture of Sienna walking. And oh look-another picture of Sienna walking. And wait, what's that I see? A picture of her standing?!? How avante garde. I realize that it isn't always about creativity and doing something different. Sometimes it's just about the beauty. However, I feel that Vogue is starting to become plain, average and complacent with their predictable paint by numbers formula. There's no excitement, no originality and certainly nothing new or interresting. Sure Sienna looks great in these pics, but so what? She always looks great. I know a few talented photographers that would have utelized her in a much better way-and unlike Craig McDean, they wouldn't charge a king's ransom. Sorry Vogue, but you continue to unimpress me.


sandra said...

hahaha great post! XD

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