Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston Top Female Earners

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She's got the man, she's got the kids, and now she's got the number one spot as Forbes highest paid actress in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie has beat out tabloid nemesister Jennifer Aniston by just two million, earning the top spot as the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Between her films and endorsements, Jolie earns a cool $27 million a year, while Jenny rakes in $25 mil. This may seem like a great deal, but when compared to the men, these ladies are working for chump change. In fact, the gap between what the sexes earn is so great that Angie and Jenny's salaries combined are almost half of what Will Smith, the top earning man in Hollywood makes. Another example of the perpetual glass ceiling in Hollywood can be seen when comparing the men's overall earnings to the women. Case in point, while the top 10 actresses earned a combined total of $183 million, the top ten male earners raked in more than double that amount, for a grand total of $393 million. Even Kate Winslet, who has won multiple awards including numerous Oscars, earns only $2 million a year. Her Titanic costar Leonardo DiCaprio however, makes 22 1/2 times that amount, boasting a salary of more than $45 million. Isn't it great to know how many film you make and how many awards you win and no matter how many people flock to see your movie, if you have a vagina you're guaranteed to only get half of what you're worth. If you're lucky.
Anyway here are the top ten earning men and women in hollywood. Feel free to gag with me.
Top 15 Earning Actresses
1 - Angelina Jolie, $27 million
2 - Jennifer Aniston, $25 million
3 - Meryl Streep, $24 million
4 - Sarah Jessica Parker, $23 million
5 - Cameron Diaz, $20 million
6 - Sandra Bullock, $15 million
6 - Reese Witherspoon, $15 million
8 - Nicole Kidman, $12 million
8 - Drew Barrymore, $12 million
10 - Renee Zellweger, $10 million
11 - Cate Blanchett, $8 million
12 - Anne Hathaway, $7 million
12 - Halle Berry, $7 million
14 - Scarlett Johansson, $5.5 million
15 - Kate Winslet, $2 million
Top Ten Earning Males
1 - Will Smith - $80m
2 - Johnny Depp - $72m
3 - Eddie Murphy - $55m
4 - Mike Myers - $55m
5 - Leonardo DiCaprio - $45m
6 -Bruce Willis - £20.5m
7 - Ben Stiller - £20m
8 - Nicolas Cage - £19.5m
9 - Will Ferrell - £15.5m
10 - Adam Sandler - £15m


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