Monday, July 6, 2009

Ashley Greene in Nylon Magazine

OK so first things first. I am positively loving the clothes that Twilight star Ashley Greene is wearing in this photoshoot for Nylon magazine. She looks like a sexy lumberjack and I am all over that. However, I must admit, I can't fucking stand Nylon magazine. They're so goddamn hipster that it hurts. That mag is like the inanimate version of that kid you went to school with that only listened to music that wasn't played on the radio. It didn't really matter that the music was good-just that no one else was listening to it yet. They wanted to know about everything first just so they could be like "Oh that. Ugh, yeah I was wearing/listening to/doing that three years ago. Where the hell have you been?" Basically if Nylon magazine was a band, they'd be Death Cab for Cutie. Self involved, whiney, and too damn big for their own britches. I hate Nylon magazine, I hate Death Cab for Cutie and I hate ironic hipsters. But I do love that outfit. I shall not punish the clothes for the sins of the wearer.

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Sandra said...

Love this photos! :)

Keith said...

Never checked out that mag, but I do love these photos.

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