Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Because Sometimes Popup Books Just Aren't Enough

If there's one thing I have learned since I began Slacker Chic back in February of last year, it is that being a blogger means being in a band of brothers. Your fellow blogger is not the enemy, but the friend. Someone who knows how much work it takes to gain an audience and someone who may not share the same vision, but very much does have the same passion. I feel lucky to have built bridges with some of my fellow bloggers, and feel even more lucky to have received some awesome compliments from people who I really respect. Recently I was bestowed with honors from both Emily at Deranged My Love and Keith from The Dino Lounge, both of whom have amazing blogs that I read daily and you should too. In an effort to preserve the mutual respect that exists among bloggers, I feel it's my civic duty to pass on the love and give mad props to some of my cohorts that have incredible sites. So here are my choices for Great Reads, all of whom have a unique perspective and are doing something different in the art of blogging:
Tasty Cakes from the Far Out because no one anywhere is doing anything even remotely similar.
Madam Miaow Says... for preserving those little things called "intelligence" and "political responsibility".
The Dark Bohemiia for promoting all different types of beauty
Sugar and Spice, because who doesn't love a pinup girl?
Scandalous Housewives because you may not throw a drink in someone's face like you're Joan Collins, but they will. In fabulous shoes.
Box of Style because hello? It's a box. Of style. The only thing better would be a box full of style and puppies.


Sandra said...

Thanks a lot!! Now, I'm showing of with your award!
You are a great read too!! :D


Keith said...

You are very welcome. I love your blog. You definitely deserved it. I'm glad you like my blogs. Thanks so much for giving me the award at my Sugar & Spice blog. Wow! I appreciate it.

Madam Miaow said...

Aw, thank you, Mrs M. It's an honour.

Great to see your funny, witty blog taking off. Hey, guys, I knowed it when it was tee-ee-eny.

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