Friday, July 10, 2009

Diablo Cody Can't Stop Stealing

Hey, did you see the new poster for the upcoming Megan Fox flick "Jennifer's Body"? Cause I sure did. Back in 1981. When it was called "Student Bodies". That's right, DiabHO Cody queen of plagerism has struck again, this time immitating the 1981 horror flick's original poster almost to a "T". Diablo has been on a string of copyright infuckingfringement ever since she first began production on this soon to be box office blockbuster. First she went and ripped off the title for her movie from Hole's 1994 song "Jennifer's Body" off the album "Live Through This". Then she stole the concept for the first poster that was released from True Blood (or Angelina, depending on who you talk to):
And now theify McUnoriginal is ripping off the Micky Rose flick by copying the film's poster right down to costume choice:

I suppose she figured no one would even remember the film but guess what Diablo? Horror fans remember everything. We have memories as sharp as Dawn O'Keefe's vagina in "Teeth" and if you think you can pull the wool over our eyes, well then missy you are dead wrong. There is a fine line between homage and downright theft, and you my dear Diablo have crossed it.


Miss Eve said...

Wow, it's very obviously a copy...why they do that? I will never understand...

Have a great weekend, much love: Evi

Scandalous Housewife said...

And she laughs all the way to the bank. Bish!
Shout out to you today on SH...

Ben Varkentine said...

Well, wait a minute, is she responsible for the marketing of her film?

Looks more to me like the studio publicity department, and those copy thing sll the time...

Robert said...

Yeah I'd have to say that diablo cody is in the clear ont his one. she most likely had no say whatsoever in how the studio chose to promote the film.

As for ripping of lyrics for titles and such, it's not really ripping off. I mean, she's not making a movie that's a thinly vieled copy of the songs. Television shows have been "stealing" lyrics and "adapting" titles of popular works since television was born. Star Trek TNG "All Good Things" The X-Files "Bad Blood"
Grey's Anatomy "I Will Follow You in the Dark"
Hannah Montana "Welcome to the Bungle."

I dunno--that's my two cents.

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