Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emma Watson and Marilyn Manson?

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Yes it's true! Emma Watson, leader of the planet soon to be known as Emmerica, is teaming up with Marilyn Manson for a musical goth remake of Cinderella. Emma will of course be staring as the title character, with Manson fortunately working to fullfill his vision on the opposite side of the camera. Few details have been leaked, but friends of the actress are saying that Emma sees this role as a way to shed her innocent Harry Potter image. Says a snitch, "She saw how Daniel Radcliffe managed to branch out into something completely different when he starred in ‘Equus’ and thinks this could do the same for her – after all, who’d guess she’d want to team with Marilyn Manson, of all people.”
Personally I think a goth version of Cinderella sounds awesome. There is little more I love than the strange, the unusual and the avante garde, but since Manson is involved, I'm a little sceptical. After all, he's one of those "let's be wierd just for the sake of it" kind of people, and that act wears very thin, very fast. I mean, I am all down for creative and artistic expression, but when you're tossing shit into the mix just because you think it will shock people, the result isn't shocking, it's just plain annoying. Just tell me you can't see him making Cinderella a prostitute with three fingers and one foot who has an addiction to No-Doz and pencil shavings. The wicked step sisters will probably have pet dwarves and evil step mother will most likely be a hermaphrodite that has an affinity for running children and puppies over with her Hoverround. I'm just saying. Don't be suprised.


Sadako said...

No, Emma, no, don't go to the dark side!

Actually I think you're right, this could be awesome. And huzzah for the strange and unusual. I myself am...strange and unusual!

Keith said...

I think this could be awesome. I just hope she doesn't end up dating him.

Marilyn Manson said...

I'm going to go with the rest of the group and say that it could be pleasantly awesome, strange, too.

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