Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eva Mendes in September's UK Marie Claire

I'm going to need the haters to file on over to the left, because what we have here is a mothereffing flawless, fierce female post staring the lovely, the talented, the ferocious Eva Mendes. Even in a woman's mag like Marie Claire the actress cannot help but sizzle striking some adorably infectious poses and looking as sultry and sweet as ever. I know many women want to hate on Eva because she's such a femme fatale, but personally I can't harbor any ill will towards the chick because she's such an all out girl's girl. Not only is she among the few female actresses that manage to nab juicy, complex roles onscreen, but she does so looking fabulous from head to toe therefore I simply cannot find it in my normally dark, hollow, hardened heart to hate on her even a little. That doesn't mean I can't be full on jealous of that Bardot/Loren sexbomb bedhead hair of hers. Even the best of us aren't immune to falling prey to the green eyed jealousy monster now and again.
Anyway, here's some more pics of The Spirit star in the September issue of Marie Claire UK. Enjoy!

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Keith said...

She is so incredibly hot. Smokin' hot.

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