Friday, July 24, 2009

Evan Rachel Wood in August's Blackbook Magazine

Ok so please do not beat me with a wooden spoon for saying this, but I think Evan Rachel Wood might actually be growing on me. You know, like a fungus. Or warts. At first you're all like "Ugh what IS this?!? Make it go away!", but after living with it for quite some time you eventually start to become fond of the annoying little feller. Same goes for ERW. At first I could not stand her ass because she was basically becoming a low, low, low rent version of former flame Marilyn Manson's ex Dita Von Teese. From her hair to her makeup to her clothes, everything was very Jennifer Jason Leigh ala Single White Female, even down to sleeping with the same two timing nogoodnik. However, all that seems to be taking a back seat to Evan Von Rachel Teese's actual talent and ability to take one hell of a picture. In fact, some of her more recent photoshoots have been the strongest of most of her peers, and some of my all-time favorite. So she ruined a marriage by sleeping with someone old enough to be her father. Who hasn't?!? Ok so maybe most of us haven't, but then again, she's 21. And I'm pretty sure you're obligated at that age to royally fuck up at least a few times and get away with it. Especially if you're as hot as ERW.


Made In The J.L.A. said...

Okay first I LOVE you for posting anything ERW! Now second I HATE you for putting all the blame on ERW for the inevitable demise of Marilyn Mansons doomed marriage. Do you know how many women have been made the "other" woman by the douchy husband. Alrighty now third I adore the fact she's growing on you and I agree her photo shoots are getting better and better!

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