Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Look at Lily Allen for Chanel

Ok so I know that in the past I have been guilty of speaking ill of both Lily Allen and the casa de Chanel. However I'm not a stubborn Suzy. I won't just continue to say I loathe something simply because I said it in the past and do not want to look like a fence rider. Because while I will readily admit to still hating Karl Lagerfeld with every fabric of my being, I must admit that La Allen looks pretty freaking cute in her newly leaked ads for Chanel. Although I still find the direction of the brand to be a tad bland and stale, I will say that Lily was a great choice to spicen up their slightly AARP reputation. She brings this sort of fresh, saucy naughtiness to the brand that has been seriously lacking for a while. Perhaps the Smile singer is just what Chanel needs to usher in a new age of young Chanel fans who can revolutionize the way we look at tweed. Or maybe that's just because I'm on my ass with the worst migraine in history and riding the vicodin wave of approval. Either way, I even like the obvious homage to the fataley fashionable Holly Golightly. All in all, I have to say I kind of love these ads, and if anyone could tell me where I can go to nab that tiara, I would love you forever.


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