Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gerard Butler in August's Esquire

And now I have an extra special treat for all you delicious gays and dolls out there that worship the ground Gerard Butler walks on. The 300 star can be seen in next month's issue of Esquire magazine kicking back in a sleek and summery convertible and sexing you up with his eyes. In fact at this very moment I bet the panties of women the world over are simply disintigrating in surrender to his devilish grin. So don't try and fight it. He'd love to take you for the ride of a lifetime. And I ain't talking about in the car. Zing!


Sandra said...

oh, he's so hot! :D


Anonymous said...

He is a real man! A very masculine HOT man. OMG, where have my panties gone?!?!?

Keith said...

I'm a straight dude, but I will still admit that he's a good looking guy.

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