Thursday, July 2, 2009


I do not want to hear one bad word (not even a half of one!) about Julianne Moore's gorgeous body in all it's alabaster glory. Her skin is like porcelain and despite the many, many negative things people have been saying about this picture, I think she looks simply maaahvelous. Then again I'm super sensitive when it comes to skin that can bind a man from 40 yards away. I too have been blessed with negative pigmentation and I cannot tell you how sick I have become over the years of hearing random people such as the mail man (seriously) spontaneously blurting out comments like "Wow you are not tan at all!!!!" Oh and then there was the time I accompanied a friend to get a dose of nasty shots, only to have the nurse turn to me and ask "Are you alright? You look like you are going to faint. You are so pale!" And even after being reassured that I'm white, I'm Irish, and this is just how I look, still being met with the shock and awe of "Yes, but you're just so white." As if I have never looked in a mirror. Society is so wierd about skin complexion that they act as if, much like a woman's weight, nothing is just right. If you're too dark you need improving. If you're too light, you need improving, and if your skin is their idea of perfect, then chances are you'll be too fat, too fug, or at the very least too unfashionable. Americans almost always have to find something wrong because evidently no one can be just good enough. Which is why I say with absolute conviction that Julianne Moore looks amazing. Her body, her face, her hair, her skin, it's all aces and no one should ever tell her any different.


Colette Lala said...

Normally I'm not an admirer of super pale skin, but with skin like a marble statue how can I not love it? I've always liked her, but she really caught my attention in End Of The Affair. Love that she writes those childrens books too.

The Peach Tart said...

I think she is absolutely ravishing. Nicole Kidman is pale and beautiful too. Coming from Irish stock, as long as I avoid the sun, I'm pale which I've grown to love.

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