Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great, Now That You Have Your Running Shoes On, How's About You Run Away?

Well I guess now we know why Sarah Palin has resigned from her position as governor of Alaska. She's too busy doing more important things like posing for "Runner's World" magazine. Not that I'm complaining. I'm all for putting her on the cover of every magazine in existence if it means she won't hold or run for any political office. That would easily be the best gift she could bless us with.
Anyway the soon to be former governor of Alaska aka The Place You Can See Russia From aka The Place Where the Polar Bears Lived Before We Fucked Their Shit Up gets into deep, deep conversations with Runner's World, philosophising on everything from her favorite running shoes to finding herself on the other end of a moose's ass. Seriously. Says Palin, "In Anchorage on the coastal trail there have been many times where I've had to stop right in my tracks and turn around because there's been either a moose standing there staring at me or a moose's butt plopping on over into the trail. I have to turn around and leave or I'm going to get clobbered." Allow a minute for the magnitude of that sentence to settle in. Only with time does it become all the more humorous. Until you remember that this woman was almost runner up for leader of the free world, and then the laughter evolves into tears.
Oh and btw, just tell me that pic above doesn't look like a sessy pinup George Washington would have hidden between his pewter mug and a dartboard with a picture of Joseph Coulon de Jumonville as the bullseye. You know Georgie. He may like cherry trees, powder white wigs and getting down like it's 1775, but he loves his little calendar girl. I wonder if Betsy Ross ever posed for a similar spread? What am I saying. Of course she did.

July, like a firecracker all aglow....


Addison said...

That's great! Running is good for health! Your running shoes are looking nice and comfortable!!

Collin said...

I am big fan of her.!! I LOVE her style. She is looking pretty cute in Runner's World photo shoot.

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