Tuesday, July 21, 2009

January Jones Looking Busted in August's Interview Magazine

Ok so I've been sitting here trying to figure out why on Earth someone would want to do this to January Jones, and I've come to the conclusion that this is basically how things went down:
January arrived promptly at the Interview studio eager to begin working on her cover and spread for their August issue. So she strolls on over to hair and makeup where she meets Sally Sue, an obviously disgruntled hair stylist who loathes January because 1.) It's her least favorite month and 2.) Because J gets to make kissy faces at Jon Hamm and she doesn't. So Sally Sue, hellbent on making J as miserable as she is, convinced the actress that not only is helmet hair going to be the hottest look for next season, but that there is nothing on this Earth sexier than a hybrid of an electrocuted deer and Grease's Sandy Olsson P.D.Z. (Post Danny Zuko) January, being the easy going type of gal she is and not wanting to make waves, reluctantly agreed to the hair, the makeup and the wardrobe figuring she didn't want to be difficult and trusted the artistic vision of those she was left to follow. Poor January, unaware that this unfortunate ensemble was really a vendetta in disguise, proceeded with the spread not realizing that all the while, Sally Sue sat wickedly in her trailer, maniacally laughing at her clever plan to make J look the fool. Let this be a lesson kids. Sometimes you just have to say no. Especially when multiple cans of Aqua Net are being raised to your head. She's still pretty flawless though. Even if her hair is single handidly destroying the ozone.


Emily said...

Hey you, just thought I'd let you know I have a blog-shop up now.


Mrs. M. said...

ooh looks great Emily! "Because I need to sell my shit" was lulz

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