Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jean-Paul Gautier for Paris Fashion Week

Intrigue, drama, glamour, fantasy, risk, reward, these are all words any fashion fan might associate with the incredible, the amazing, the incomparable Jean-Paul Gaultier. And just like all his other previous collections, his Haute Couture A/W show for Paris Fashion Week does not disappoint. In his latest endeavor the darling designer combines the futuristic with the glamazons of the past updating signature styles from the 20's and 30's with a harder, more rock and roll edge. (Think the love child between Jean Harlow and Trinity from The Matrix) But despite this collection being heavily rooted in fantasy, each piece is wearable for every day life. Finding the happy medium between the avante garde and the practical is perhaps the most difficult challenge for a designer, but you'd never know it looking at Gautier's works of art. He makes it seem so simple, yet his clothes are anything but.


Sandra said...

Isn't he genius?!! love the collection! :)


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