Tuesday, July 7, 2009

John Galliano for Dior is Pill Popping Pretty

What do you get when you combine Barbituate Barbie, Betty Draper from "Mad Men", an old Redbook cover and Dita Von Teese? Why John Galliano's latest collection for Christian Dior of course! Taking a sharp turn away from the minimalistic approach that has been in vogue since the recession, Galliano is bringing back the decadent, glamorous veneer popularized by the pill popping martini slugging housewives of the early 60's. Some might say this translation is a bit literal, but I love it. The kitschiness of it all is fun, cute and just what the fashion world needs to revive it's dimming pulse.
Anyway here are some pics from his A/W collection for Paris Fashion Week. Do we love? And more importantly, can we still cook a pot roast and a jello salad while completely sloshed in these outfits?


Madam V said...

they remind me of the original barbie back in the day, before they made her all slutty.

Mrs. M. said...

ikr? Like the Barbies my mom used to play with. Way back before Barbie's days as an Olympic figure skating, coke doing princess who worked as a vet, Paleontologist, flight attendant, cheerleader, and cowgirl all at the same time.

syd vicious said...


Keith said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous photos. Thanks for posting them.

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