Friday, July 3, 2009

Johnny Depp Visits Sick Children, Continues Being a BAMF

I think it's safe to say that Johnny Depp is easily one of the coolest cats on the planet. Men love him, women love him, children love him, hell even monkies, puppies and goldfish love him. Not only because he's a down to Earth kind of dude that has managed to stay humble and grateful for his success, but because he never forgets to give back. Case in point, the "Public Enemies" dropped by unannounced on Wednesday to cheer up some sick children at a London hospital dressed as his "Pirates of the Carribbean" character Jack Sparrow. Depp visited several wards including the one his daughter Lily-Rose stayed in when she was treated for kidney failure back in '07. A source tells WENN, "Johnny was so friendly with all the children on the ward and they absolutely loved his pirate outfit. He spoke to lots of the youngsters and staff - and made their day by posing for pictures with them all." This is of course in addition to the whopping $1.5 million Depp donated to the hospital as a thank you for taking good care of his daughter during her illness.
Say it with me now-"Awwww!!!" This is incredibly sweet but really comes as no surprise. Depp is known for his giving nature when it comes to his fans. In fact, it's been said that Depp will stick around to autograph a picture for every fan, no matter how long it takes. If you ask me, it's this generosity of spirit and modest attitude that has made him one of the most coveted and beloved actors not just of our time, but ever.


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