Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Two Breezies from the Barrio Ghost Ridin' the Whip

Well if this isn't the most hood poppin', car hotwiring, Old English tattoo having, gun toting, spades playing, bandana wearing, blunt rolling, Newport smoking, Impala driving, rim spinning, shank makingist pair of sisters I've ever seen. While Kim Kardashian is busy booking the covers of Playboy and US and OK, the two wicked no-sex tape having sisters Khloezilla and Kourtney get stuck with "Stepping Out" magazine. And if you ask me, Kourtney should have stepped her ass right on out of that cover and fullfilled her destiny as the glamazon known as Khloezillz's personal coffee fetcher. Lo siento pero no quiero mami.
Damn I am loving the shit out of Khloezillz's Tammie Faye makeover though. She's really giving Xtina a run for her MAC money with that ten pounds of blush and twenty seven tubes of mascara. It takes a special kind of woman to outdrag a Queen and bygonit that's exactly what she's doing. In fact, I could only love this more if the Massengil that is Criss with two S's and no H's Angel were crammed in the middle of these two with his signature Flava Flav chains and modern day geri curl drip. Now that would be a cover worth Steppin' Out to buy. And then laugh at.


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