Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lily Allen in i-D Magazine

Never a big fan of that little thing called "modesty", Lily Allen is once again going topless. However this time she isn't doing it on the beaches of Ibiza to avoid tan lines, she's baring her lady bits for the August issue of i-D magazine. Why? I have no idea. The only people that really read i-D are straight women and gay men, most of which do not want to see what she's working with. Which is why I can't understand the reason for the nudity. I mean on one hand it's just breastes so who cares but on the other hand it's like alright Lily we get it. That's enough.
All neekidness aside, at first glance all I could think of while looking at these pictures was "Damn that bitch looks high". On life and sunshine of course. I'm certainly not talking about cocaine. She would never indulge in such a thing. Ever...


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