Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Orphan Zoe Talks Fame, Fortune, and Elevator Fighting

Well, well, well! Look who has gone from being interviewed by the family of moths that lives in her favorite sweater to being interviewed by Good Morning America! Why it's none other than my favorite homeless rich girl on the entire globe, Little Orphan Zoe Kravitz! LOZ stopped by the studio in order to give the lowdown on her latest projects, including a new movie called "Twelve", her dislike for the phrase "It girl" and her band Elevator Fight which GMA describes as "popular". Now this is just a question, but is a band considered "popular" if the only people buying their cds are the band members parents? I'm just asking because if that's the case, Lisa Bonet better rush her ass on over to the local record store, because LOZ's little band that could certainly use a tad more exposure. Not that I'm knocking LOZ. Her insistance upon promoting her band honestly is admirable, and certaily more well meaning than other celebutaunte endeavors. Case in point, LOZ insists that while she is grateful for the opportunities that come along with being a celeb spawn, she isn't going to rely on her parents for a free ride. When asked if she feels she has to try harder to earn legitimate respect for her movies and music, LOZ replied by saying "I feel like I should try harder because I have a lot of great connections but I also want to deliver and have the respect that any other actress would." I don't know about you, but I think LOZ is adorable and I welcome her onscreen, onstage or in the back of Starbucks digging in the dumpster for a half drank latte lite. Not because she's poor, but because getting mono from the impovrished makes her feel like a woman of the people.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Mrs. M,
You're the winner today on Scandalous Housewife! Woot, woot! Check it out!!

the iron chic said...

You're mean....I like that.

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