Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mary-Louise Parker Bares Body and Soul in Esquire

Speaking of topless ladies, who do we have here but none other than Mary-Louise Parker looking as smoking as ever in the latest issue of Esquire magazine. The mother of two has taken a break from steaming up the screen as Nancy Botwin in Showtime's "Weeds" in order to steam up photographer Christa Renee's camera lenz all for the good of Esquire readers the world over. In the issue, Mary-Louise thanks her male lovers, fans and friends in a sweet little piece called "A Thank You Note to Men". Here are some excerpts from the brightly written piece:
"Manly creatures who smell good even when you don' can fix my front door, my sink, and open most jars...You sire, you take my order, my pulse, my bullshit; you who soaps me in the shower, soaks with me in the tub; to you boy grown up, the gentlemen, soldier, professor, or caveman...thank you for the tour of the vineyard, the fire station, the sound booth, thank you for the kelidescope, the Horsehead Nebula, the painting, the you who shows up every so often only to confuse and torment, and you who stays in orbit you the one who can't figure it out and you who lost the dog, remote, or your way altogether; to you wizard you sang in my car and brought me back from the dead, you tell me things, make me shiver; to the ones who destroyed me even if for a minute and the ones who grew me, consumed me, gave me my heart back times ten, to most everything that deserves to call itself a man; How I do love thee with your skill to light fires to keep me warm, light me up."
Love that woman.

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The Peach Tart said...

She's my girl crush

Mrs. M. said...

me too!

Keith said...

Wow! She's hot. Great photos.

Mrs. M. said...

all i want to know is how come my pies never turn out like that? Is the nekkidness the secret recipe for success?

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