Friday, July 3, 2009

Mary-Louise Parker, Jennifer Aniston Top Eligible Bachelorettes List

Buddy Tv has just unveiled their picks for the top 50 most eligible bachelorettes in Hollywood and surprise, surprise, who else could snag the number one spot but the Milfiest Milf that ever done milfed, Mary-Louise Parker. Her role as sultry, sexy pot dealing mom Nancy Botwin on Showtime's "Weeds" has once again catapulted the mother of two into the hearts and fantasies of men, women and ganja lovers the world over. Coming in at a close second is Jennifer Aniston whose girl next door appeal continues to make her one of the most desired women in Hollywood. Jenny is followed by fellow divorcee Sophia Bush who came in at number three, followed by Kristen Bell and Summer Glau respectively.
I was also pleased to see a couple of really classy broads, Yvonne Strahovski, January Jones and Rashida Jones make their way into the top ten. All three lady are amazing on their shows and really maintain an air of dignity and grace that seperates them from some of the other women on this list. (Eh hem, Vaginal Vortex Hilton, Hills Hos, and Denise Richards I am talking to you) In fact, I think this entire list save for the talentless few is pretty darn accurate. If I were to change anything though, I would rank the adorable Kaley Cuoco much higher. She's a gorgeous girl and is far too underated.
Anyway, here are the top ten. Your thoughts and opinions as always are welcome.
TOP 50
50. Paris Hilton (no.)
49. Maggie Siff
48. Mischa Barton
47. Denise Richards (disgusting)
46. Teri Hatcher
45. Annalynne McCord
44. Alexa Chung
43. Deanna Pappas
42. Ashley Tisdale
41. Michelle Trachtenberg
40. Michaela Conlin
39. Audrina Patridge (double disgusting)
38. Holly Madison
37. Bridget Marquardt
36. Whitney Port
35. Olivia Munn
34. Lauren Graham
33. Sara Ramirez (yes)
32. Cat Deeley
31. Jennifer Love Hewitt
30. Ginnifer Goodwin
29. Jaime Pressly
28. Felicia Day
27. Tyra Banks
26. Carmen Electra (she's engaged, does that count?)
25. Charisma Carpenter
24. Katie Cassidy
23. Elisha Cuthbert
22. Yunjin Kim (double yes)
21. Kristin Davis
20. Carrie Underwood
19. Padma Lakshmi
18. Marg Helgenberger
17. Kaley Cuoco (triple yes)
16. Jenna Fischer (also engaged)
15. Alexis Bledel
14. Kristen Kreuk
13. Christina Applegate
12. Emily Deschanel
11. Maria Menounos
10. Rashida Jones
9. January Jones
8. Yvonne Strahovski
7. Kate Walsh
6. Eliza Dushku
5. Summer Glau
4. Kristen Bell
3. Sophia Bush
2. Jennifer Aniston
1. Mary Louis Parker


Anonymous said...

Suprised no Cameron Diaz. I know she says she won't marry, but some dude will come along and change her mind.

Colette Lala said...

Jennifer Aniston... somehow I picture her #2 on this list for the rest of her life.

Mrs. M. said...

oh yeah where IS Cameron Diaz? Now that you mention it she should definitely be on this list. and
Colette Lala said...
Jennifer Aniston... somehow I picture her #2 on this list for the rest of her life.

oh snap! That was cold but so funny.

Anonymous said...

why isn't taylor swift on this list? also the other women like summer glau, elisha cuthbert. tyra banks,ashley tisdale and eliza dushku are already in relashionships with other individuals.

Anonymous said...

i also forgot to mention christina applegate is also in a relashionship with someone she mention it in one of her interviews earlier this year, as for alexis bledel i'm sure she's probably found a boyfriend but she won't identify him to the public on the count that she's a private person.

Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of gossip sites that said Mary Louise Parker seeing some writer named McKuy? McKay? Cant' find it now. Was somewhere, did she mention him on Craig Ferguson?

Does this list must mean they are not married or not seeing anybody?

Interesting list.

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