Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Britney Spears for Candies Ads

On the heels of the release of her latest single "Radar", Candies has unveiled some new ads of spokeswoman Britney Spears pimping their brand. My only question? Donde Esta Britney? And why did they replace her with this unidentified person?:
QuiƩn es esta? Certainly not Brit. Those legs? Not Britney's. That nose? Not Britney. The lips and hair? You guessed it-Not Britney. What's the point in even having a spokesperson if you are going to digitally alter them to the point where they're unrecognizable? Isn't that sort of a waste? At least they had to have the common sense and decency to include one familiar face: that hot stallion from the "Radar" video. No, I'm not talking about the guy, I'm talking about the horsey! He is rapidly becoming the hottest star in Tinseltown. Before you know it he'll be having bisexual love affairs, vomitting on Diddy and Butter and flashing his naughty bits to the paps while stumbling into LiLo's house at 3 in the morning. Baby, you're gonna be a star!


Madam V said...

its like we are back in the 1800s..you get painted not photograph.

Mrs. M. said...

lol i think they actually took away from her beauty. Excuse Brit's beauty!!!

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