Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein Ads

Va-va-va-voom! If ever there was a body built for lingerie (and sin) it has got to be Eva Mendes'. "The Spirit" actress continues her reign as the spokeswoman for Calvin Klein in these new smoking ads for their underwear. (Aka skivies, as I prefer to call them) Personally I think this was the most logical choice any brand has ever made. Not only does Eva exemplify the very essence of the brand, but she brings a sort of sultriness and sex appeal that has been lacking at Klein since the 90's. Perhaps she can bring back some of the controversy and fire that they used to have back in their Marky Mark days. I mean, who doesn't remember the whole "nothing comes in betweeen me and my Calvin's" commercials? It may have been super cheesy, but at least it had everyone talking.
Anyway, here's more Eva looking as Sophia Loren as ever in the new ads. Enjoy~

And just for lulz sake...


Keith said...

She is so incredibly sexy.

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