Saturday, July 4, 2009

OK Magazine's Top 10 Best Bodies of 2009

In the spirit of summer OK Magazine has unveiled their top choices for the 10 best bodies of 2009. No shockers here-just the typical Hollywood starlets that are always associated with having an enviable physique. However I will say OK has managed to include ladies of just about every shape, size and color. From the tight and toned Jessica Biel to the curvy and voluptuous Kim Kardashian to the short and petite Eva Longoria Parker, the mag has something for everyone. So who walked away with the almighty title of Best Bod? Why none other than good girl turned bad turned good again, Britney Spears. Thanks to her rigerous dance routines for her "Circus" tour, the princess of Pop is back in fighting form. Brittles narrowly beat out yogaholic Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Anyway here are the top ten best bods in the order they were ranked. Which of these lassies do you guys think is the hottest?
Top 10
10: Kate Beckinsale
9: Kim Kardashian
8: Jessica Biel
7. Eva Longoria Parker
6: Rihanna
5: Jennifer Lopez
4: Halle Berry
3: Megan Fox
2: Jennifer Aniston
1: Britney Spears


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