Friday, July 10, 2009

Olivia Munn Stars in Music Video

I think it's safe to say that for the last year, Olivia Munn's star has really been on the rise. She's been booking magazine interviews and spreads, she has a more than loyal fanbase, and now she's officially a video girl. Parry Gripp, frontman for the band Nerf Herder celebrates not only Olivia's overall success but her 1000th episode of Attack of the Show! with a song and video called "Video Game Girl". I have to tell you, I was totally down for this in the worst way until they had the nerve to say "at Tekken she'll beat your ass." Um, yeah, she may be able to beat your ass, but I'll annihilate you. Especially in Tekken. And Rainbow Six. And Need for Speed. And also Resistance. Actually you know what? It would probably be best to never play me at all, because I'm just that good. And yes, I already know I have the mentality of a pubescent teenage boy. I actually consider that one of my attributes.

Anyway here is the video in all of it's adorableness. And trust me, it is adorable. Long live La Munn!


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