Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paz Vega Pregnant in Elle Spain

I don't know about you, but I love to see a woman who is comfortable with her body-especially when that woman happens to be incubating a future inhabitant of the planet Earth. Paz Vega, who had her first son back in 2007, is knocked up again and declaring it loud and proud in this editorial August's Elle Spain. What makes this spread really special though is that it was shot by none other than Paz's husband, photographer Orson Salazar. Not that she needs any help in the beauty department, but who better to help make a woman feel her best than someone who has seen her at her worst?

Anyway I love to see Paz or any other woman for that matter, showing what a beautiful thing pregnancy is. Although I have not had one of those little tiny baby type things myself, I know most women tend to be a tad insecure about all the changes their bodies undergo while knocked up. Which is crazy of course because sure your ankles may be a little swollen and you may not be able to see your feet but by golly you are developing and nurturing a soon to be human being. If that's not a beautiful thing to celebrate, then I don't what the helly hell is.

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Keith said...

Great photos. So stunning. She's incredibly hot. I love seeing a beautiful pregnant woman.

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