Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Perfect Specemin of a Woman Officially Becomes a Model

Not since the crumbling of the Berlin Wall has an action on this Earth made such a monumental impact in the course of the world that it may change the very infastructure of humanity. Truely the news I am about to share with you has an even greater impact on the social structure and history of the world than Wyld Stallions doing that darn term paper and creating the basis for a Utopian society. I am speaking of course about the greatest model/Femmebot/Robert Palmer video girl Amber Rose getting signed to Ford Models. The on-again/off again girlfriend of Unnofficial Goodwill Ambassador to the Gays and KING OF CAPS Kanye West has been picked up by the angency, in order for her to fullfill her destiny of single handidly reinventing the face of fashion and design.

All kidding aside, this woman is freaking flawless. Everything about her is beauty, fame, glamour and edgy. She can take off her clothes but she can't take off her cool! My hopes is that she can slink into the world of high fashion and bring it to it's knees, revolutionizing a new idea of beauty much in the same way Kate Moss did during her 90's herion chic days. It's high time we end this reign of jutting hipbones and collar bones sharper than ginsu. Besides, Amber has her own thing going on which is so important in not only being a model, but in being a woman. As an x-chromosome I can say that we don't all have brown hair, blue eyes, four feet of legs, and a naturally protruding rib cage. Some of us are curvy, some of us are bald, some of us have tattoos, and some of us are indescribable. Isn't it about time we had models of varying shapes and sizes accurately representing the complexities that is woman? Of course the answer to that question is YES and hopefully Amber is just the femmebot to ring in an era of celebrating uniqueness of body and style. I mean, it does only take just one it girl, so while I sincerely doubt it, a girl can always hope.


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