Thursday, July 2, 2009

Queen Ashley Covers Hamptons Magazine, Continues Reign of Awesomeness

It has been a hot minute since we've seen hide or hair of Queen Ashley Olsen, save for her cameo appearance in V Man, but today I have some brand spanking new pics of Queen in the latest issue of "Hamptons" Magazine. And can I just ask you, what in photoshop hell is going on with QA's massive breasteses on the cover? It's not enough that they had to digitally alter her to look more voluptuous, but they just had to go and slap Jenna Jameson's old knockers on her, didn't they? Then again, maybe they just did it to match the patriotic theme. After all, what's more America than apple pie, red white and blue and fake tatas? Those three are the very fabric of our lives. Or maybe I'm thinking of cotton. I forget. It's definitely one of those two.


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