Wednesday, July 1, 2009

R. Kelly Being Investigated for Statutory Rape

In the past R. Kelly has been accused of (and even caught on tape) sleeping with and peeing on underage girls, but he is in hot water yet again as Illinios police investigate claims that he has been having sexual relations with a 17 year old girl. Media Takeout reports:
"A day before [R Kelly] left for his South Africa tour) about 8 police squad cars pulled up at his front gate. One of the officers, in a loud, commanding voice, yelled: "This is the police. Open up this gate at once. We have a search warrant". After seeing the officers via his security monitors, Robert instructed his security guys to open the gate. The officers searched the entire house. They were looking for an underage girl who had spent several days at his home with him. Ironically, the girl had just left the mansion about 20 minutes before the police arrived with the search warrant. The police eventually caught up with the girl, who had just turned 17 years-old--just above the legal limit in the state of Illinois. However, the Olympia Fields Police are still tenaciously pursuing the case. They are still gathering evidence, which includes signed affidavits from several witnesses from within R. Kelly's circle, who can attest to the girl spending consecutive nights at his home prior to the date of her birthday.
We checked out what our snitch told us – and the Olympia Fields Police department CONFIRMED to us that R Kelly is under investigation. Right now R Kelly’s in South Africa – but once he gets back to the U.S. – don’t be surprised to see him in IRON BRACELETS!!!"

Um, can they make an iron bracelet for his dick? Because that's what he really needs. If you ask me, they should have locked his ass up the first time he got into trouble, and then perhaps he would not be paroling the streets looking for more young, naive girls to sleep with. For God's sake the man is 42 and was sleeping with a 16 year old. In the past he's was caught on tape having sex with a 14 year old and was indicted on 21 counts of sexual intercourse with a minor. He received special treatment because he was a celebrity and now look where we're at. He's in the same goddamn boat because the legal system is fucked. If you ask me, it's the courts we should blame for letting this child molesting sex offender walk the streets. Just because he's rich does not mean he's not a pedophile. If this were just Joe down the street they would have locked him up and thrown away the key. If Kelly gets acquitted of this crime as well, it's really going to be reflective of how the caste system is alive and well in America and will obviously show that the courts care more about some child diddling rich asshole than an innocent child.


Keith said...

He should be locked up. That's what happens when you are a celeb. You usually get away with rape, murder, you name it.

Mrs. M. said...

Thank you! I posted this story on The Insider and had some whackjob slamming me for it. Standing up for a pedophile because they make music you like? What has our world come to?

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