Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sharon Stone is a Level Headed, Composed Individual

That sentence is of course dripping with sarcasm, because as we all know Sharon Stone is actually a batshit crazy bitch who thinks that she is the center of the gravitational universe. Case in point, the self entitled actress got into major trouble with flight officials yesterday after refusing to check her bag and screaming at airline employees. Stone was all set to board a flight from Kalispell, MT to Salt Lake City when suddenly a pesky flight attendant who had the nerve to do her job, instructed Ms. Stone to check her bag. Says a witness on board: “The flight attendant in Kalispell asked her to gate check her bag and Sharon refused and got into a huge fight with her. They eventually took the bag from her and she screamed at her assistant with her and made a scene during the entire flight.” Once the plane touched down, armed officers detained the actress, but Stone's rep is putting a different spin on the story insisting the officers were merely Stone's private security team. They're also saying that it was the flight attendant who was in the wrong because she dared to question the almighty authority of a woman who made her fame by spreading her legs on camera. (What? That's a true fact and you and I both know it) Stone's rep Paul Bloch aka Liar McFibbypants says “Sharon had been visiting her father in Montana, and was approved to take both bags on the plane. When she got to the plane, she told me the stewardess screamed at her that she couldn’t take both bags on board,” said Bloch. According to Stone’s version of events, the stewardess on the Delta connection operated by SkyWest “screamed” at her not once, but twice, over the luggage, before the actress eventually surrendered a bag.
Jesus what is the fucking problem? It's like give up the bag bitch. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. Checking your bags is just part of flying commercial and if you don't like it you can float to your desired location with that big ass overinflated ego of yours. I mean honestly, celebrities have the bratty sense of entitlement that is only seen in spoiled three year old children who merely have to squeal "Daddddyyyyy!!!! Gimmie!!!" to get what they want when they want it. I don't care how they look, what they act in or who they date, when it comes down to it almost every actor in Hollywood amounts to the equivalent of Veruca Salt. I want the golden ticket, a want a flying glass elevator, I want a trained squirrel, I want to carry five bags on my lap, I want, I want, I want. If you ask me, that flight attendant reserved the right to give Sharon Stone a big "Bitch, please!" with a side of "Shut the fuck up and sit down."


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