Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Star Magazine's Best and Worst Beach Bods is Filled with FAIL

Ugh, Star Magazine. Where do I begin? We all know their writers are pretty much a bunch of judgemental assholes who have a questionable moral scale and an ability to shatter the self esteem of many in one fell swoop. Their klassiness is once again demonstrated in their annual "Best and Worst Beach Bodies" issue that can only be described as nonsensical fuckery with a side of what the hell. One one hand they praise celebs like Holly Madison and Denise Richards for their "perfect" physiques, yet in the same breath chastise Tori Spelling and Geri Halliwell for their less than stellar boob jobs. Where is the consistancy? And since when has "perfect" been defined as silicon? Excuse me for being a party pooper but shoving artificial substances inside of a person is not my definition of perfect. And if we need said artificial enhancers to be "perfect" than we seriously need to revaluate our definition of the word.
Anybullshit, also making the list of bad beach bods is Janice Dickinson whom Star ridicules for having "belly bulge". Uh, hello? Bitch is 54. Maybe we should cut her some slack for not going under the knife yet again in the neverending quest for the perfect nonrealistic human body. The same goes for that snide ass "Kate Plus 8 POUNDS" remark Star makes on the cover. Let's see them pop 8 human beings from their loins and see how rapidly their body bounces back. I say fuck Star magazine, fuck their artificial idea of perfect, and fuck everyone who thinks that there even is a definition of perfect. Especially since everyone on their "Best" list has been cosmetically altered in some way except for Miley Cyrus who is a child and probably shouldn't be on the cover of a magazine in her bikini in the first place. Hollar if you hear me.


Frogette said...

I hear you! I have to say that some of the bad pictures make the rest of us feel better, though :)

Mrs. M. said...

lol i agree but i think they could find waaaay worse than the ones they show. i mean if Geri Halliwell is considered a bad beach bod, what does that say for the rest of us?

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