Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tattooing 101 with Rihanna

You'd think it would be enough that Rihanna can sing, dance, and command the attention of millions. Now the singer is trying to add a new skill to her resume: that of a skilled tattoo artist. Rihanna, who is known for her dainty yet prominent tattoos, was spotted taking tat lessons at East Side Ink in the East Village of New York City last night. Sources say despite her easy demeanor RiRi took the lessons seriously, even tattooing a tiny umbrellas with R's on them on at least four different people.
Personally I think it's awesome when anyone expands their horizons and tries to learn a new skill. Nowadays most of us have a tendency to be really complacent and hesitant to learn a new trick because of the time and dedication it takes. So seeing someone rich and famous like Rihanna taking the time to get educated is pretty freaking cool in my book. Then again, my husband is an awesome tattoo artist, so I'm kind of biased to the craft.



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