Monday, July 27, 2009

Twiggy is the New Face of Olay

Proving that you're never too old to be a timeless beauty, supermodel Twiggy, 59, has just been tapped as the newest spokeswoman for Olay. This isn't the first time the two have paired up though. Twigs, who will star in a series of print ads over the next year, first became their spokesperson back in 1985 when she was a wee lil lass of 35. And while some aging beauties might be afraid to flaunt their faces, Twiggy says loud and pround that she is jazzed to be affiliated with the brand. "I am delighted to be fronting the new advertising campaign for Olay Definity." said the model. "Like many women I trust Olay to meet my specific skincare needs.'
Twiggy, whose androgynous look single handidly revolutionized the fashion world, has made it perfectly clear that while she may rely on skin care products to keep her face silky smooth, one thing she does not approve of is the American fascination with botox. In fact, unlike most of her peers, Twiggy has sworn off the paralyzing procedure vowing to never, ever have it done. "I don't trust anything like that." says the model. "I really don't think I'd ever be Botoxed. People say that venom disappears but where does it go? It has to go somewhere."
As for Olay they are equally as pleased to have a classy, natural broad like Twiggy on their payroll. A spokesperson for the brand praised the supermodel saying "We were thrilled to welcome Twiggy back to the brand. She is a true beauty Icon who continues to be an inspiration to millions of women across the UK."
I don't know about you, but I think Twiggy is the perfect choice for Olay. She is pretty much synonymous with everything the brand stands for (taking pride in your appearance but not having unrealistic expectations) and is a rare example of how to age gracefully under the hot lights of fame. In fact I must say, I have been pleased as punch to see brands like Olay and Cover Girl using natural beauties such as Twiggy and Ellen Degeneres to show woman that being beautiful means trying to be the best version of yourself-not someone else. Twiggy is fierce as hell, one hot mama, and I can't wait to see the glamorous ads she churns out over the next 12 months.
And just for fun I've added some old school Twig pics. For the nostalgic fashion supa luvah inside of you.


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