Wednesday, August 26, 2009

America's Got Talent. No Really, They Do.

I never used to watch America's Got Talent, but after seeing the diverse and incredible acts they had to offer, I became hooked. Last night the show featured several different performances including opera singer Barbara Padilla and musicians Recyled Percussion. The two acts could not have been more different in styles, but in my eyes were equal in talent. Barbara's touching rendition of Por tí volaré by Andrea Bocelli was the first time opera has ever made me cry. It was a truly special moment, and as a viewer I felt honored to share it with millions and millions of strangers. As for Recycled Percussion, well, in case you haven't seen their gig I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'll only say that I had never seen anything like it and was beyond impressed. What really struck me about the show last night was how wonderful it was to see such a variety of talent sharing the same stage. There's nothing better than being introduced to new and different experiences, and I believe that getting people interrested in styles and genres they normally would not expose themselves to is a beautiful thing.
Anyway I hope you enjoy the art of both. I've also added a video of the Diva from the Fifth Element, because that is preciselt what Barbara's performance reminded me of. It was just that epic.

Recycled Percussion- fast forward to 2:00 for performance. Love outside of the box!!!

Barbara Padilla's Long Lost Sister


DivaJulia said...

I agree about Barbara...and I love that you posted the Diva from "The Fifth Element". Perfect.

xoxo j

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