Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And I'm Tired of Your Face

I am so, so, SO sick of seeing Jon Gosselin's fug, balding, deadbeat dad ass in his douchey Ed Hardy shirts and fucking chain wallets trapsing around town talking about his love life as if anyone gives a shit. I mean congratulations-you're boning some fresh off the free ride farm driz bitch that's only dating him for the five minutes of noteriety him and his rougue lady lips can give her. It's like sit your ass down chubby. I don't care how shrew Kate may seem or how hysterically funny her hair is, you don't leave your wife high and dry to care for the 8 bundles of regret you sprang forth back when you thought marriage and procreating were a good idea. I mean it's really good to know that at a moment's notice your husband can just ditch your ass to party in Cannes with his slutty homewrecking trust fund girlfriend and give interviews to gossip rags while you sit at home trying to rope in a brood of eight and still pick up the shambles of your ruined marriage. So I think I speak for everyone when I say sit your ass down, Jon Gosselin, and go cry about the perils of your tragic life somewhere else. Preferably somewhere remote where no one will ever hear from you again. Not even through a ship in a bottle.
Oh, and a sad Shiloh makes the angels cry.


Kim said...

right ON! sister

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