Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And Que Rehab in 3...2...1...

In case you haven't heard, there's a brand new celebrity sex tape making it's way around the internet. Well, I suppose it's not really so much as sex tape as it is a boring ass 12 minute video of three people yammering on about how high they are and discussing the possibilities of the maybe having a threesome. Gawker managed to get their hands on a video that includes Grey's Anatomy actor Eric Dane (aka McSteamy) and his wifey Rebecca Gayheart (aka Noxema girl) naked in bed with former Miss Teen USA 25 year old Keri Ann Peniche. The video, which was shot at Keri Ann's apartment, mostly includes footage of the three discussing what their porn names would be and bathing together nekkid in a hot tub. At one point during the video, you can clearly hear Rebecca tell the two that she needs to lay down because she is "so high". This is not the first time the actress has been caught in a drug scandal. Back in 2003 The Enquirer got a hold of a picture of the actress smoking a crack pipe in a hot tub. Klassy with a K!
But oh wait! It gets better! Turns out Keri Ann was stripped of her crown back in 2003 for posing for Playboy. She was briefly engaged to Aaron Carter, and is allegedly now a high priced madam for Hollywood's elite and goes by the name "Tristan Bailey." She was supposed to be a part of the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, but was booted from the house for punching one of the camera men. Not that I blame her. If I had sex with Aaron Carter I'd probably be pretty emotionally damaged as well. But I digress.
Although the tape was just leaked yesterday, Dane and Gayheart's legal team are all over blocking the video. Marty Singer, who represents the couple, tells TMZ that he will sue anyone who publishes the video, which he calls "a private, confidential tape." Singer also says that he contaced Kari Ann who stated that she has no idea how the video got out. I am so sure.
Anyway, you can see the "sex tape" by clicking
HERE. Do not come crying back to me though when you get an awful case of the sads because you have just wasted 12 minutes of your life. However if you do end up watching the video I have but one question for you: How bad does this couple want to be Dr. Christian Troy and Kimber?!? I think Rebecca spent a little too much time on that Nip/Tuck set. Oh and Eric? If you're going to have a sex tape leaked, you should probably hit the gym beforehand. I'm just saying.


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