Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anderson Cooper Slams Heidi Montag, Remains My Hero While Doing So

Oh snap! Anderson Cooper has never been one to hold back his opinion, and thankfully it doesn't appear he's going to start anytime soon. The day after Heidi Montag's infamous abortion of a performance at the Miss Universe Pageant Anderson took to his 360 program and ripped her ass a new one. Anderson notes that after the lip synching debacle Heidi twittered thanking God promting him to tell fellow CNN anchor Erica Hill, "I don't think God had anything to do with this production." to which Erica responded "I would hope for God's sake God had nothing to do with that." Anderson replied. "If God had the time to work on this production and that's the best God can do...we're all in trouble."

In addition to poking fun Anderson repeatedly grilled Hill on why Montag was famous. Honey, that's a bigger damn mystery than the Ark of the Covenant. If you can get down to the bottom of that one you'll be a regular Diego de Almagro.


Keith said...

That was so hilarious. I wish Heidi would just go away. She's another one of those pseudo celebs.

Mrs. M. said...

It was a low, low, love rent knockoff of Britney's amazing 2000 VMA performance:
Not even close to the original.

ChavelaPrincess said...

I GET why some celebrities that can't make it doing anything else... will resort to SOME things.
But then I don't get why some will stoop to crazy shit and in that losing tons of dignity.
She is NOT talented. She is fake.

And you know, I use to like her along time ago before Spencer. She was what seemed like a good friend to Lauren. And then she just become a fame whore.
And it is really sad.

ChavelaPrincess said...

PLUS! I love how this was SUPPOSE to be LIVE! LOL!
And she is CLEARLY not singing love. OH EM GEE.

Anderson Cooper... I think is so awesome. My friend Jenn is like IN LOVE with him.
And CHEEKS, you know, GOCHEEKSGO? In his sex tape was like ANDERSON COOPER! Hilarious!

Mrs. M. said...

i know Chavela-why would she bother to say she sang live when it was, like you said, completely obvious that she didn't. Who does she think she is fooling?
And i didn't know that about gocheeksgo though i do not blame him-Anderson is smart, sexy and has a killer sense of humor!

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