Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evan Rachel Wood in Flaunt Magazine

Ok I have a confession to make and I want you to know that this is not a decision I came to lightly. In fact, I have spent many a nights doing serious soul searching down by Lake Minnetonka. I even spent a spell at a nice ashram in India in order to really reflect on the consequences of my feelings. Are you ready? Here goes: I sort of think Evan Rachel Wood is a hot and fierce bitch. That's right, that just happened. I just said something nice about the girl that I used to refer to as Evan Von Rachel Teese. Believe me, I have tried and tried to fight off the feelings of acceptance for little miss homewrecker, but when she goes and serves up photoshoots like these, my tiny little shriveled up Grinch heart grows a half a size all on it's own. I know I am probably giving you the exact same speech Marilyn Manson once gave to Dita Von Teese before he left her for ERW's ginger ass, but I can't help it. I didn't mean to fall in love. It just happened that way.
Also two more things: 1.) I have been calling this chick "Evan Von Rachel Teese" so long I instinctively typed that every single time I went to reference her name and 2.) Does Marilyn Manson only date chicks with three word names, or is that just a coincidence? Should we be assuming that any moment he is going to pair up with Sarah Jessica Parker? Rachel Leigh Cook? Phillip Seymour Hoffman? Oh please oh please let it be Phillip Seymour Hoffman! Those two would make such a cute couple. Hell, I'd even settle for Samuel L. Jackson. Although I think Marilyn would have to make some changes. Something tells me Samuel L. ain't no bottom bitch.
Anyway! Here are some new pics from Evan Rachel "Not Von Teese" Wood in the latest issue of Flaunt. Enjoy!


Keith said...

She is incredibly hot. Damn. Love these pictures.

I would probably leave my wife if I had one for her. lol Just kidding. Oh hell. Who knows. :-)

Mrs. M. said...

I just can't believe both she and Dita Von Teese fell for Manson and his shenanigans. That man is all theatrics and I never understood the hype. If I wanted to see his whole act I'd go look at some Alice Cooper videos.

Made In The J.L.A. said...

Yay we welcome you to the dark side lol Evan Rachel Wood is one fierce and talented beauty. Her photoshoots are getting better and better but I do wish she would stop with the soft core porn shots. She's better then that and I really would hate to go off her just when everyone starts jumping on her lovely bandwagon! P.s. I'm going put some of these photos on my blog after seeing your page but I'll link to you!

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